Esteban Perfume Mist Diffuser Wood & Light Edition ultrasoon electric

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esteban paris parfums

FOR MOMENTS ZEN. This diffuser allows you to create a soothing and delicately scented atmosphere. Its bamboo design brings a touch of nature and Zen to your environment.

As a gift, a single dose of perfume concentrate for use with your diffuser. Even in large spaces, it reproduces all the subtlety of the perfume, expressing the liveliness of the top notes, the richness of the heart notes and the depth of the base notes. Its invisible ultrasound technology creates such quick vibrations that the water and the perfume mingle before being released in the form of a perfumed mist in just a few minutes. Simple and safe to use, this diffuser is programmed to adapt in line with your moods. Diffusion time: from 6 till to 14 hrs' non-stop. the diffuser switches itself off automatically when all the water is transformed into mist.

Tips This diffuser is specially designed to operate with Estéban refresher oils and with essential oils. Read before use the instruction.

Dimensions: 16 x 13 cm 

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