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Serene House Pod Fete de Lave for wax warmer with natural essential oil. Fete de Lave is made from natural soy wax and essential oils of patchouli, cedar wood, pine wood, Litsea Cubeba, guaiac wood and rosemary. Serene House's 'No Spill Wax Melt Pods' are revolutionary in the field of wax warmers. The patented foil that covers the cup prevents spills and thus keeps use easy, safe and clean.

Dimensions: H. 2.5 x 7.2 x 7.2 cm | Content: 30 grams | Natural soy wax and natural essential oil.

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serene house:
Serene House was founded in 2010 as a premium home perfume brand with innovative products for 'air care'. Serene House aims to meet the growing demand for nice-smelling, healthy and fresh air to counteract the stress and pollution of fast-growing urban environments and reduce stress. Due to the knowledge and production in-house, the quality is really premium. A Cloud of Freshness A cloud is often seen in Chinese drawings and symbolizes luck and fortune. The Serene House logo therefore stands for the freshness and purity of nature. The natural oils ensure better health and well-being. The Serene House collection mainly consists of ultrasonic aroma diffusers and wax warmers. With the matching 100% natural essential oils and wax pods with natural wax you create a serene and pure environment.

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